Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

How to think about food...

Since being involved in the health & fitness industry, we’ve noticed how food has always been labelled as good and bad. But why? When you go food shopping have you ever seen the sign saying “Bad Aisle”?

You hear it all the time; “Ahh I’m being naughty tonight, I’m having a Chinese” 🍚🥠 What are you doing wrong exactly? 

If your answer is “But it’s unhealthy”. Let us put it to you like this. Absolutely anything can be “unhealthy” if you eat too much of it.

Weight loss is determined by burning more calories than you’re eating yes? So it doesn’t matter whether you’ve eaten totally “clean” or included a takeaway. If your calories in are less than your calories out, you will lose weight regardless! 😬

Most people see food this way;

GOOD 😇✅ Salad 🥗 Fruit 🍏 Nuts 🥜

BAD 👿❌ Chocolate 🍫 Pizza 🍕 Bread 🍞

ALL foods have calories (drinks too), the “good” foods typically have less of them & the “bad” ones usually have more. Now rather than saying carbs are bad and for example; a chicken salad is good, just be aware of how many calories you’re consuming. 💡

Why stop yourself from eating chocolate when you can simply reduce how much you’re eating & just make it fit your calorie intake when you DO crave it? 🍫

Remember this! 📝 There is no need to demonise food. It’s all about awareness. Educate yourself with different food groups. Get to know your magic calorie number for weight loss or building muscle & eat all foods, including the ones you ENJOY. Make them fit whatever your goal is. This is far more sustainable & you’ll be more likely to succeed & see progress, you've got this!